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Aerial view of Sydney Adventist Hospital

fee policy

The Doctors at NSO are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all patients. The length of a consultation will vary depending on the complexity of the presenting problem and each patient’s needs. This will determine the fee charged for the consultations. The fee takes into account time spent reviewing your file prior to and preceding your appointment, communicating with other health professionals, and practice overheads. The fees are determined by carefully taking all factors into account.

Full payment at the time of consultation is expected.

How much will it cost?

The cost of initial consultation ranges from $310-$440 depending on the complexity. Extra costs may be incurred for procedures such as office ultrasound and biopsies. Payment for your consultation is required on the day.


We are able to submit invoices for consultations and in-room procedures to Medicare on your behalf.


Please note, however, that we are unable to submit invoices for inpatient hospital procedures. You will need to submit such claims yourself via Medicare’s Two-Way Claim system to ensure you obtain a rebate from both Medicare and your private health fund.


Fees for New Problems

When you see the doctor for a new problem please bring a new referral.

Consultations in regards to a new problem in a patient previously managed at the practice will be billed according to complexity.

Fees for Surgical Procedures

Surgical fees are set independently, taking into account the complexity and duration of the procedure and aftercare. The fees are higher than those set by the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) and most health insurance providers. An estimate of fee(s) for the surgical procedure(s) will be provided by our staff when the surgical booking is made. This is an estimate only. We will attempt to cover some of the potential variations.


Some patients will require one or more subsequent operations to manage their condition and will be invoiced accordingly. Such eventualities cannot always be foreseen.


Payment for inpatient hospital procedures will be due seven (7) days after the procedure.


Known gap and no gap fees may be applied at the discretion of your surgeon, however we are unable to offer these for all services. Please discuss further with your surgeon at the time of your consultation.

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